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Full Service Maintenance

From mowing and weeding, to tree and shrub care, our maintenance programs offer services for all of your lawncare needs. With our expert team conserving your property, you can ensure the landscape looks its best and your investment is protected.

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Our Current
Maintenance Programs

If you would like more information on any of the following maintenance services, you can fill out our online contact form or call 609-809-0619 to speak with a member of our team!


Turf Maintenance

Turf Cutting: All areas mowed at a height of 2.5” – 3” on a weekly basis. All areas blown off and cleared of debris.

Turf Trimming: Trim around all buildings, landscape beds and other obstacles in turf areas.

Edging: Edge all areas where the turf and hard surfaces meet.


Clean Up & Bed Definition: Removal of deciduous tree leaves, twigs, and small branches from lawn areas, mulch beds, and in shrubbery. Bed edging on all existing beds and tree rings.

Mulching: Beds are mulched at a depth of 2” using black double shredded mulch unless otherwise specified. Weed preventative is applied.

Spring Cleanup

Bed Maintenence
& Weeding

Bed Maintenance & Weeding: All mulched beds will be weeded on an as-needed basis to maintain a neat appearance and will include a combination of manual hand weeding and chemical control.


Tree & Shrub

Pruning: Pruning will be accomplished to maintain a uniformed shape and size, by removing “new” plant growth at appropriate times of the year and according to proper horticultural practices.


Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup: After approximately half of the leaves have fallen the fall cleanup will commence. Deciduous leaves will be removed from lawn, patios, and parking areas. Once all of the leaves have fallen, remaining deciduous leaves will be removed.



Irrigation Maintenance:

Our industry trained professionals will open and winterize your irrigation systems, along with inspecting your system for broken heads, rotors, etc.

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